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What My Clients Are Saying


I have been seeing Stacey for about two and half years on a regular basis. I came to her suffering from the after effects of developmental trauma as a child and an ongoing traumatic situation as an adult, this has resulted in cPTSD, anxiety and depression. Stacey has been instrumental in helping me work through my trauma history and begin to learn how to feel safe in my body and the world we live in. She has also helped me understand and look at many of my symptoms in a way which has resulted in much more self compassion and much less shame. She guides you through techniques to settle your body and gives you the tools to help regulate your nervous system outside of session. I have referred many people to Stacey and afterwards they are always raving about working with her. Meeting with Stacey feels like a warm hug and she is an incredible resource when it comes to understanding your body and trauma while giving you the tools to live a better life and take steps towards healing your nervous system. I am eternally grateful for her and her guidance.


This past year has been an unpleasant journey of experiencing symptoms, getting diagnosed, and trying to treat an anxiety disorder. I have explored both medical and lifestyle changes to address the challenges that I now face in daily living. 

Of all the things I have tried, BY FAR the most helpful to me so far has been the somatic movement I've been learning from Stacey Madden. Starting with a weekend workshop and following up by attending weekly classes, I've been applying the simple techniques with increasing frequency and success. 

To give you a couple of examples, I have gone from almost agoraphobia to being able to not only return to activities I used to enjoy (like going socializing and grocery shopping) but also enjoy activities I used to want to do yet was too afraid to even try (like flying in a small Cessna airplane). Using the movement exercises to work with my body, rather than fight against it, have been extremely freeing and they are really easy to do.

I highly recommend Stacey's classes to anyone, especially those struggling with anxiety and depression.



Mike S.

Initially, I was drawn to Stacey’s openness and how she connected energy medicine and yoga.  I appreciated her practical tips for healthy living and lifestyle.  In further groups, she demonstrated commitment and knowledge of somatic medicine and strength through movement.  These  were marvellous groups, highly relevant and useful.

Stacey Madden is a generous, energetic professional who creates inspirational spaces for learning about the body and integrating the science of movement. Her commitment to life-long learning is contagious. Her ability to break down what she knows into manageable pieces is lovely. She is a masterful, passionate teacher.

 (offered in appreciation, i.e. not solicited)

Karen Daniels

Hello Stacey,
Well...  for some time now it's gone through my head that, going to your classes is like drinking from the Fountain of Youth.
Thank you so much Stacey.

D. Ross

Stacey has helped me gain an understanding of the interconnectedness between the reactions experienced in the body and the thoughts that move through the brain. She has defined my feelings of anxiety, and has given me tools to recognize my habitual thought processes before feeling unnecessary stress. Stacey has a thoughtful approach and her interpersonal skills and empathy created a safe space for self exploration. I find myself using her tools at the office, in the classroom and in my personal life.

Grateful Client

AMAZING yoga class today!!! I cannot believe the changes that occur in my body DURING Stacey Madden's Yoga for Strength and Balance (at The Yoga Studio in Oak Bay Plaza). I was really out of whack because I had to cancel my chiropractor's appointment when I was sick last week. Being sick probably didn't help either. My left shoulder was sitting noticeably higher than my right and about half way through our practice, my shoulders were level. I have scoliosis so my shoulders are rarely, if ever, level. It blew my mind!!! I can't believe the healing that occurs with Stacey's combination of hatha yoga, energy medicine and somatics. It's like magic

Nichola Spiers

I have to talk about Stacey and her amazing Energy Medicine Yoga (besides others she teaches). I can't remember last time I learned some much while having fun, being mindful, peaceful and connected. Thank you for sharing your passion and teachings! What a way to start 2017!

Helena K.

To Stacey,

I found your class by accident just over two years ago. I had been looking for a yoga studio that was scent free and happened upon a small studio near my house. They gave me information about classes and I saw your class advertised as yoga/movement specifically for anxiety and depression. I have lived with anxiety for years and have tired many different types of self-help and professional help trying to increase my quality of life. I was fairly sceptical, and having an anxiety disorder, it was even difficult for consider yet again trying something new. However, I took a leap and signed up. 

The first day of the class I sat in the parking lot outside the studio for about 15 -20 minutes before I could manage to enter. The studio was small and because I was late I found myself in the middle of the room. There were things I simply couldn’t do like lie down with my eyes closed in the middle of a room with strangers but everything you did was offered in such a way that no matter what I did, or didn’t do, it was okay. Everything was slow and thoughtful and there were reasons for each movement. It was hard for me to join in and it took more than one class for me to be comfortable taking part in most things but nothing was ever forced and I never once felt judged for not being able to participate. 

I find the practice something that makes sense for me. It is not a total answer to everything that has gone on in my life, but it is a large part of what is helping me improve. I appreciated how you were able to move us online and continue the class through the pandemic. It was one of the things that kept me functioning. There are specific things I have learned that I have brought into my daily life. It has given me a greater acceptance of who I am and helped me learn to cope with these crazy times we find ourselves in. 

I really appreciate the knowledge and wisdom I have learned from you.