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— Alan Watts

A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event.

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A Body Centered Approach to WellBEing

Mindful Somatic Wellness gently coordinates and integrates our bodily experiences with our thoughts and emotions. How does our embodied state influence our perception of self and others? Together we will explore how our body somatically holds and reinforces our inner emotional narrative. Through gentle movement, sound and awareness techniques we will foster pathways to emotional regulation, resilience and enhanced wellbeing. 

Mindful Somatic Wellness is a bridgeway that improves our ability to fully embody compassion and empathy. Somatic practices allow progress beyond barriers experienced in conventional healthcare and wellness settings by increasing personal agency. We pause talking about how we feel, and begin to feel how we store and hold our thoughts and emotions. 

I offer trauma conscious practices that weave together embodied cognition, radical self-acceptance  and mindfulness to increase wellBEing with self, and by extension community. Move, breathe, and connect. 

Our bodies collect and store all of our life experiences, and these experiences manifest in a myriad of ways. Adverse early childhood experiences, motor vehicle accidents, pre-post natal experiences, surgical procedures, can all result in traumatic patterns in our body and mind. Chronic unaddressed stress and tension, worry and anxiety are held not only in our emotions, but in the physical structure of your body. This may show up as chronic pain, sleep issues, inflammation and many other ways unique to each person. I offer effective methods that instil self-understanding and awareness through movement and breath to actively re-educate the nervous system to the brain through the body.  To resolve pain and tension we have to engage the Brain. To resolve Trauma we have to engage the Body. Mindfulness practices, and gentle Somatic Movement effectively changes habituated physical patterns and improves emotional and physical resiliency. 

​Some of the Issues We Can Address Together Include:

  • Trauma due to past experiences, car accidents, work habits or lifestyle

  • Reduce stress, feelings of anxiety and depression


  • Sleep Issues

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction



I am always here to answer any questions or concerns you have, so please fill out a form and send all questions and session feedback to me!

#210 9715 Horton Road SW, Calgary AB


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